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The library spread over an area of 300 sq. meter has been in existence since inceptions of the college. It has a total of 10,000+ Books with 582 Titles, 600+ Refrence books and 9 National Journals. It is privileged to support the colleges march towards its vision of 1000 value based technical education and achive and retain its position as center of academic excellence. The daily newspapers in english and hindi is subscribed by the college for the students to keep them abreast with the devolopment happens nationally and internationally.

Every year on an books worth thousands are added to the library. The library is manned by two professional librarian.

The Library has internet facility, reprographic facility, Book bank facility and reading roomfor around 100 students at a time.



A computer lab is a cluster of networked computer tha are available for used by the students. Computer Labs - ensure that students have access to and assistance in the use of computer technology. The Laboratory has all the equipments to enable 30 students to work on the computers at a time. The computer center has windows operating systems. such as windows XP, WINDOWS 7, 32 bit.

The application software which are used in the computrer fundamental laboratory are :-

- Adobe reader

- Firefox 30.0

- Google Chrome

- Internet Explorer

- Microsoft Access 2007

- Microsoft Excel 2007

- Microsoft infopath 2007

- Microsoft powerpoint 2007

- Microsoft publisher 2007

- Microsoft word 2007

- Notepad

- Remote Desktop Connection

- Turbo C

- Turbo C++

- AutoCAD

- Windows media player

- NPAV Antivirus

- Wordpad

- Microsoft Visual C++ 2005

The Laboratory is manned by Computer Proffessional and experts are called for specialized inputs. The CFA Laboratory anables students to be able to perform most of the operators required in the present age of information technology with specialized competence in their respective branches.



To provide learners a sustainable access to self-instructional, multimedia, language learning software as a complementary to classroom teaching. The language lab is equipped with a UPS for 14 computers + 1 (server), each provided with a headphone and is placed in a compact cubicle creating a user-friendly atmosphere. ODLL Language Lab Software makes it easy for one to launch solicitations and assignments for students.



Campus is having 10 & 16 MBPS of high speed internet facility of BSNL & 9Yugnet. The institute has a 24X7 Wi-Fi facility in the college campus for the student and faculty members.



The College has all the latest machines required in any workshop including welding, furnaces etc, where students are exposed to various workshop practices.

Our workshop has :-

1. 4 Lathe Machine

2. 1 Shaper Machine

3. 2 Drill Machine

4. 2 Grinding Machine

5. 2 Welding Machine

6. 1 Furnace Electrical

7. 1 Hamd Furnish Blower



The College has a Seminar room with the latest audio visual facilities having seating capacity of hundred students.



The colllege has a canteen facility for the students as well as teaching and non teaching staff.


Mansa Polytechnic has following Labs -
1. Mechanical Engineering Lab.
2. Civil Engineering Lab.
3. Electrical Engineering Lab.
4. Chemistry Lab.
5. Physics Lab.




College Gym is well equipped with a multi-gym and a range of free weights and aerobic equipment - including a treadmill etc.